Create a Wordpress movies website for me


Job Description


I need someone to create for me a beautiful movie site with Wordpress. My budget is only US$50. The site must be similar to

The website must have a slider for featured movies, show movies images below sliders and show movies categories.

(To prevent spam, please type "fk u" for cover message at first line.)

Maybe this screenshot is helpful for you to understand what I means:*%3DUTF-8''iROKOtv%2520%2520%2520Number%2520One%2520Home%2520For%2520Nollywood%2520%2520%2520Ghanaian%2520Movies.png and*%3DUTF-8''Netflix.png

Please send me the demo link of the theme you found or screenshots.

Also send me your previous work. (higher chance to be hired)

Don't waste my time sending me nonsense themes that doesn't match my requirements.

Yours Sincerely,