Shopper, Sourcing Agents Needed Now-Fun work, but Cheap Pay

Shopper, Sourcing Agents Needed Now-Fun work, but Cheap Pay


Job Description


I'd like to personally invite you to apply to my job. Please review the job post and apply if you're available. I`m looking for sourcing agents to find me the best possible prices for a brand new line of EDIBLE LOTIONS & OILS, sensual massage oils and lotions that are UNSCENTED, SCENTED (the sexiest scents available), and unique to my brand called ``PLAYHOUSE``

It is imperative that I gather samples of each scent, lotion, lubricant, oil, and even edible body powders (some are called honey-dust). I would also like to add an indoor tanning lotion containing the highest amount of bronzers possible, with little to NO TINGLE EFFECT (no hot or tingle factor).

Erotic Play Massage is a new company started in Windsor, Ontario, Canada,
shortly after this past Christmas with the idea of bringing adult entertainment into a safe, discreet, less intimidating environment, where clients have the ability to discover their deepest desires whether it be role playing, fetishes, domination, or just for the sake of discovering something new and exciting to enjoy as a hobby with friendly, talented, gorgeous staff who are well versed in the arts of tantric passions and sex-ploration. The tools required for our workers are precisely what I need help with, as I do not have a weeks` worth of time to be emailing companies for samples and prices, and I certainly do not have the time to shop around for the best, clear bottles, in a unique shape, making them easily fit several of them into crock pots for hot oil massages. Plastic jugs are fine for purchasing in bulk, keeping texture, colour, smell, ingredients, and price in mind. Look for sites such as, wholesale lists, factories in your area, special promotional deals, and think outside the box! Please have any company (whether manufacturing or retailer), send samples to:

Sabrina Styles
Playhouse Massage
2478 Tecumseh Road East
Windsor, Ontario

Happy Shopping, should you choose to go for it! I`ll check in when I can. In the meantime, call my cell at 1-(519) 819-3889, if you need any further direction. I`m new to this, so please bare with me.

-Sabrina Styles xoxo

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