Drupal Website

Drupal Website


Job Description

I’m seeking a Drupal developer who can work with myself to essentially re-skin an existing site. The current site is built in Drupal, so most of the groundwork has been done. We’ll be adding extra functionality, such as a blogging area, forum, and also some additional pages. The site currently has 50+ pages but most of these are templated.

I’m allowing 4-6 weeks for development and debugging. The site should also function correctly on mobile and tablet devices, so in that respect it needs to be made responsive.

Skills required:

In short all the standard web development software. You can use SASS etc., but you will need to install, manage, and make sure it runs correctly. All passwords, login and management details need to be given to the client.

Part of the team of this project is myself as Creative Director, and we’ll also be working in tandem with one of Canada’s top SEO experts.

Skills: management