Google Places optimization

Google Places optimization


Job Description

Thank you for bidding on this project. Below you will find details about the project objectives as well as details for completing the project successfully. Please read this document carefully before accepting this project.

Project Purpose:

To sustainably rank at the A or B spot in Google places for the selected key words.

Payment terms:

Please refer to table A and table B below. There are six key words that are the focus of this project. The payment will be authorized in accordance with the value of the key word multiplied by the percentage according to the key word position found in table B. This review and payment will be done at the project end date.

Project Reporting:

The bidder awarded this project will need to update with a project status report highlighting the work they have done on the 1st and the 15th of every month until the Feb 15th 2014 deadline. These updates will prove that the awarded bidder is using White Hat methods that are sustainable for long term ranking. If this reporting schedule is not adhered to, the project will be in violation of the agreement, and may be terminated with no payment.

Acceptance Criteria:

To achieve success in this project, the bidder will need to prove that the appropriate spot is achieved for the selected key word. This will be done by going to Google Maps and entering the selected key word in the maps search bar with a local setting set to Cambridge MA. Depending where Cambridge Taxi Cab appears is how the spot will be determined for the selected keyword.


At the end of the project, if the bidder can achieve the A spot for all the selected key words, a bonus of $50 USD will be awarded.
Thank you again for bidding. Should you have any questions to clarify any details, please do not hesitate to communicate through via email.

Sammy Hadidy,
Director of Business Development
Ambassador Coach Inc.
617-649-7000 (office)
617-600-8774 (mobile)

Table A:
Keyword potential pay

Cambridge Taxi $30 USD

Van Taxi $30 USD

Cambridge Cab $30 USD

Taxi Logan airport $30 USD

Credit Card Taxi $30 USD

Taxi service Cambridge MA $30 USD

Table B:
Google Places position for keyword Payment percentage
A 100% of potential pay
B 75% of potential pay
C 50% of potential pay
D 25% of potential pay
E or below 0% of potential pay