Personal/Virtual Assistant

Personal/Virtual Assistant


Job Description

I am looking for a personal/virtual assistant that can take over on various tasks.

I need someone that is self-sufficient without requiring hand-holding. It needs to be someone with a quick wit / smart and resourceful, who knows what to do in an instant of hearing the task. Even if you don't have the solution you know what to do to get it done.

You must have a high sense of quality as I require very high-standards of output in any task.

Perfect English required in word and speech.

You should be available via Skype (chat and via calls) so that I can assign you tasks as they arise.

Types of tasks I would hand over include:

- scheduling a google hangout session and coordinating with everyone
- finding / recruiting script writers for explainer and sales videos
- finding people to participate in online discussions for product concept testing for mobile apps or websites (very specific target groups I would provide).
- finding / recruiting developers to complete certain tasks
- overseeing that work is completed according to requirements and giving me a final review to ensure everything is done correctly
- and various other tasks

I would like to interview on skype.

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