Virtual Assistant Experienced in Online Marketing

Virtual Assistant Experienced in Online Marketing


Job Description

Hi there!
My name is Nico, CEO of Contentite a full business solution company that works with companies and startups all over the world providing strategies to grow and thrive in competitive markets.

At Contentite we are passionate about businesses and strategy, how they create value to the end customer, how they manage to spread the word out about their services or products, what strategies they apply to maximize their customers experience and which ones could be applied to effectively help more customers and increase revenue streams.

To do this we have a team of business strategists and marketing strategists constantly analyzing and creating plans for maximizing the growth of our clients companies.

Right now we are in the middle of a very big expansion and this is why we are looking for VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS EXPERIENCED IN ONLINE MARKETING.
We are looking for A players only, those who are willing to go the extra mile for our customers in order to provide them with the best results possible.

What skills should you have to apply to this position and what will you be in charge of if hired?

Perfect English written and spoken

Distribution of press releases (Our writers will deliver high quality writings for you to distribute them all over the web)

Article Submissions –Highly experienced submitting articles to article directories-

Creating relationship with webmasters and blog owners to get space for publishing guest posts of related content –Good communication skills are essential to create long lasting relationships with webmasters from different websites to get permissions from them to post articles that will ad value to their readers written by our expert writers)

Social profiles creation and regular updates (researching about the specific topic) –You must have good research skills in order to updates social profiles when necessary with useful information for the target market-

Ability to effectively accomplish weekly milestones created by marketing strategists

Creation of reports of work done

Please be concise with your application and highlight your strengths, we will value honesty and trustworthiness over a pasted copy of your skills and previous work, if this sounds like your dream job because of the fun it involves commit to getting it by creating a customized application for this job post; this will most likely put you in a better position than any other applicants that would copy and paste the same application to every contractor, remember we are looking for A players and your application is the first step to showing you are one.

After you are selected and contacted via Odesk we will have an interview via skype explaining more details about the job and solving all doubts you may have.

Thanks for your time and really looking forward to welcome you into our team! So go ahead and apply now!

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