MATLAB guru needed - real time data acquisition and analysis

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

I am looking for a MATLAB guru. I need to write a script that will generate pink noise, capture the output through a microphone, and run an FFT. A short burst (1 second) of noise is sufficient, and time-of-flight is very short (less than a millisecond).

I would want to be able to save a given measurement and use it as a reference for future measurements, to see if I have a certain level of consistency. For example, take a first measurement, then make sure that all subsequent measurements are within +/- 2 dB of the first measurement at all frequencies. If they are, the measurement is good - if not, the measurement is flagged as bad.

Ultimately we'd compile this into a MATLAB-compiled executable so we don't have to keep MATLAB open on the computer all the time.