I need sales killers

I need sales killers


Job Description


We have small company building Mobile Websites for small / medium businesses.

We have built websites for plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc.
There were sites for restaurants for example.

What I need is sale killers.

I'll pay for each client ( real sale , not lead ) you'll bring 10% from selling that is approximately $25.

Our web site is here : www.mobilelooksgood.com.

These several conditions must be met:

1. Company must have a regular site (we only do full integration, not a separate site) -this is necessary.
2. The Site must be in English.
3. The Site should not have online selling area.
4. The Site should not have accounts system (logins etc).

To be paid , client will send us email with note of seller details inside.

I look forward to your suggestions.