Build a software application using excel, microsoft word, and other

Build a software application using excel, microsoft word, and other


Job Description

I would like an experienced software developer to build an application for me.

This software program should upload content for any blog or article from windows word.

Then, I would like the user to be able to mark the spots within the content to add 1 of 6 different pieces of prewritten content (labeled: Client, keyword, pain, results, offer, inspiration) from an excel spread sheet.

I would love it if that excel spreadsheet was also in an attractive form that could be created and easily seen within the software program.

I would like that each of the 6 pieces of content have up to 100 spots for inputting the content that falls under it.

When the client chooses to insert one of the pieces of content, I would like the marker to be color coded and match the content label. I would like that the label is readily seen from the screen that the blog/article content was uploaded to.

Once all categories are marked on the screen, I would like the software program to randomly choose one of the 100 (or less) slots of information to be placed in that marked spot. If it's possible, I'd also like the ability to pick a number for the spot that would be uploaded to a particular marker on the blog/article content. It would also be nice if when you went on that marker, a screen with the content label and one of the 100 slots of content below it, is shown on the right side of the screen to manually see and choose the number corresponding to the content right there.

Also, the user should be able to manually change the title of the uploaded blog/article.

Once the content is set, I'd like it to have the ability to be saved within the software.

Then the next step is a process by which the user can create social media posts from this article. I would like the ability for the user to highlight, with one of 7 colors, the information on the document to be placed together word for word. The highlighted words may not be right next to each other.

The highlighted labels (with their own colors) would be called:
1. Educate
2. Inspire
3. Pain and blog introduction
4. Results and blog introduction
5. What we do
6. Other 1
7. Other 2

Then, once these are highlighted, you can press a button and all of the messages will be combined (as they were highlighted) and uploaded into a "Microsoft word" document that a custom header image can be added to. They are numerically placed based on when the article in the project was added. You can add 4 articles to the project, and each article can have 7 designated highlighted pieces of information (that can overlap). There are a possibility of 28 spots for the combined highlighted information.

In this document the user can edit the posts/the wording that the software came up with as they need.

Then I would like a current calendar for the day of the user's project creation to several months in advance where they user can just click on the day and schedule the posts in numerical order (going one-by-one through all of the social media posts they just created). Some can be placed on the same day.

I would like this information to be uploaded to "Hootsuite's" bulk uploading excel spreadsheet. (where it requires a date, the content, and shows the number of characters in each post).

I would also love if there was a way to place the numbers of characters a user is over the character limit for:Twitter (140 characters), LinkedIn status updates (200 characters), Google+ (about 140 characters). This would be at the initial social media creation part (after the client highlights the info and presses the button that combines the info).

Then I would like to place the code for this software on a website I use as well as create a mobile app for it it it's possible.

I'm looking for input and help with this project.

Please inquire if you have the skills and desire to complete it.

Julie W