Paypal issue and checkout issue and incorporate google checkout

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Job Description

My website now when u go to check out. U will find that there is some paypal problems. Yo cannot check out a product. I have set one product at 10 cent. u can try to buy that (I will refund u) you will see all the errors coming out.

I am wanting these job to be solve. At the end I expect the customer to just

1. buy a item
2. checkout
3. choose paypal express checkout or google checkout
2. go to paypal/google to enter password.
3. go back to our website saying it is completed.
4. The website will get the shipping detail and name and email me and have a record in the database.

Can you do it?

Also I want to incorporate google checkout too.

Can you do it?

If yes tell me how much are u expecting? You tell me how much u think u deserve and what can you do. I can change my price.


Skills: paypal