Android app for viewing ip camera video stream

Android app for viewing ip camera video stream


Job Description

I need to make a custom android app for viewing several ip cameras on my local network. Right now I'm working with a singe DLINK DCS-930L and I'd like to view the video stream directly on my phone/tablet. After getting the first version working, I'd like to support multiple cameras and I might change to a different camera mode so the freelancer will need to know about supporting network camera device drivers.

I basically need a much simpler version of this app:

I don't need any of the pan/tilt, zoom commands, audio support or anything, just view the video camera stream for a Dlink DCS-930L camera.

The budget for this is 200 dollars and you will need to provide sample code for previous work you've done before and as well as answer some questions to prove your knowledge of capturing network video streams on android. If you've read all this and are not spam, please include the words "DLINK DCS-930L" as part of your message to me.


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