Body fat researcher

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

The purpose of this job is to provide a whitepaper for business investors interested in the following question: What are the current options for reducing body fat in a particular area of the body using a topical approach?

Results should be displayed in a spreadsheet with the following columns:

- Solution name

- Description

- Company providing solution (as there may be more than one company providing the solution, use one row per company)
- Name of product of the aforementioned company
- Price of product of the aforementioned company
- Website address of the aforementioned product
- Cost per dose or application
- Average number of doses or applications before task is complete
- Total average cost per customer (previous two columns multiplied)

- Risks (health issues, warnings, side affects and anything else negative about the solution)

- Patents (as there may be more than one patent for this solution, use one row per patent and provide a web link to the patent page)

Success in completing this project is defined as follows:
Criteria #1: Comprehensive research (all options researched and documented).
Criteria #2: Data-driven research (no opinions)
Criteria #3: Full references to all data points, including web URLs where possible
Criteria #4: Professional level quality and English, with no grammatical mistakes