Adobe Air Software Programmer


Job Description

We are looking for a reliable software programmer who is well-verse in the Adobe Air programming language to help us develop a video marketing software for our consumers.

There are four major features in this software:

1 - Keyword Analytics

This feature will involves scraping information from Google Keyword Tool (note: a lot of our past programmers have problems with this). If you have problem with using Google Keyword Tool, you can use another tool but you just need to discuss with us first.

2 - Video Creation

This is explained further in the video that I attached below. It basically turns text into videos, and allow users to add/edit image, change font/background, add music or record own sound.

3 - Upload To YouTube/Download Function

This is pretty simple. Users can choose to upload to YouTube straight away or download the video.

4 - Blog/Forum Scraper

Again, pretty simple. This is just a scraper that scrapes the web for blogs and forums related to keywords entered. Must have a "blocked" list function.

We do have some basic UI designs and wireframe so you don't really need to develop the idea from scratch. We've been working on this project for over 4 months now and the last two programmers we worked with haven't been good at delivering what we want.

Here's a video walkthrough of the software we've developed in the past and we want the same thing:

Let me know your idea and we'll get it going.

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