Ruby, Rails Assistance and Help with jQuery


Job Description


I'm learning jQuery and Rails, I however learn better and faster from examples. Since I've been searching the internet all around on how to do a drop and drag, that updates the database with no luck. I decided to turn to freelancers like myself for some help.

I'm very happy to provide credit with a link to your website upon completion of my small learning app. I hope that this will bring you something extra besides the $$$ available on here.

Please provide me few examples of what you did that you have available on Github. I don't want to waste your time nor my time.

In general terms; I'm looking for help to create an example where on a page you have a sidebar and a content area. The content area has bunch of posts, the sidebar has bunch of tabs or label boxes. Now so far what I've got is that each post has its own ID, each label box has its own ID... Post also has a column :label_id that references to the label box id or it should.

I'm hoping this is where you can help me. I want to use jQuery so that when I drag a post over any of the label boxes in the sidebar, and drop it there, it updates the post's :label_id with the sidebar id.. and removes it from the right content area. IF you read it all, first line of your message to me would be railsaoo.

It's quite simple, I just can't get my head around the function. If you can help, I'm happy to provide credits to you and also pay reasonably.

Thank you.