Need to create XSLT template for Carrot2


Job Description

End Goal: To have an XSL Template based on an existing XML file to be used in Carrot2 (, the downloadable version for Windows).

Detailed Description:

I have around 7900+ emails that I need to be clustered using Carrot2 program. The Carrot2 program has its specific format for its XSL so I need someone with experience in writing XSLT specifically for Carrot2, not just experience in writing generic XSLs.

I have made a test XML file that I will email to the winning contractor as basis for the XSL Template creation.

For someone with Carrot2 XSL background, this will be a simple and relatively fast and easy task.

To confirm that you have gone through all the details that I have written, please include this phrase "MOMMY'S BLACK BAG" on top of your cover letter.

Skills: test