Turn autobiographic interviews into a brilliant narrative

Turn autobiographic interviews into a brilliant narrative


Job Description

I am looking for a long-term partner for my business. The on-going job would be to turn 30 minutes recorded interviews into beautifully written stories. These stories will be combined with photos and published as books.

Interviews will be delivered to you recorded - not transcibed.
Most important for this job is your ability to turn everyday mundane topics into beautiful prose.
Topics covered by clients will usually be around love, children and pregnancy.

Attached is a very short (3.5 min) example of an interview. Please write this story the way you would write all interviews. For this particular example please write it as as if the mother is writing/talking directly to her children. Please create one-two titles and sub-titles for this short story. Please use and highlight one-two direct quotes from the interview (no need to put them into quotation marks, just highlight them)

The work sample I choose will be awarded the money for the effort (amount below). When you submit your sample please also indicate your price per hour for this type of work and an estimate of how long it will take you to turn 20-30 minutes into a story.
The total word count for a story should not exceed 4000 (applies to the client work, not to the work sample, this clearly should be much shorter)

So, please submit:
Your sample of work with 1-2 titles and 1-2 sub-titels; include one-two direct quotes highlighted (don't use quotation marks )
How long it took you for this 3 minutes interview
How much you would want to charge for 20-30 minutes (given they will be all from different people in their unique styles)
What would be your turnaround timeout "saying things in a nicer way".

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