Server Administrator


Job Description

You are the lead server and web administrator. You'll also have a few other people under you who you can the errors off to if you can't get them fixed in time.

The below are required for the job:

FIX ERRORS - you are expected to fix all errors on the site as well as do general maintenance:
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we'll have Russ, our admin, email you with any errors as well
Take any issues of a slow site seriously!
All general issues should be fixed within 12 hours
All major issues (causing the site to be unusable or very difficult to use) should be fixed within 2 hours
If you can't fix it within these time frames, please hand it off to one of the other people on the server team
This should be continual!!!
The site speed should be equivalent to (around 1-2 seconds load time)
Please come up with actions based upon the previous week's data
Implement the actions to optimize the site, making it faster
WEEKLY REPORT - A report each week that covers:
Speed tests - 2-3 speeds tests from various sites on the homepage, the forum home page, and an internal page on each
Site usage, memory usage, and other key statistics (please come up with a list)
Errors and fixes - Any issues reported on the forum and what you did to fix them

Must understand vbulletin, wordpress, and MySQL!!!

Please make the first word of your response the answer to 3 + 5 * 11

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