Social Media with Buddypress Wordpress and Vanilla Forum Implementations

Social Media with Buddypress Wordpress and Vanilla Forum Implementations


Job Description

Project: We wish to create social media multisite platform with buddypress, wordpress and vanilla forums. There will be selected reporters and journalists writing articles, most important will be user interactivity and activity on the site with front end space for users to post events, manage their portfolio and profile, and most important post news that will appear on their news feed and the sites main pages.

Description: The website is already underway and nearly complet, a theme has been created, majority of the customization has been done. The work will be to help us perfect the existing user interface with overall website usability and do a few programming tweaks for user synchronization between different Wordpress(CMS) with the vanilla forum and user options, implement already existing plugins/html resources on wordpress.

Details & Resources:

- Single Signon on Wordpress and Vanilla Forum: The V Forum has been embed onto wordpress, necessary plugins are already installed (Wordpress: WP Vanilla Connect, Vanilla Forums / Vanilla Forum: jsConnect, Embed Vanilla). When registrations are made on wordpress vanilla does not recognize the data, you will need to insert some php or java for vanilla to recognize (

- Implement an existing slider on our home page

- Frontend Dashboard: Adding and changing options to the buddypress user profile such as: ''Activity'' user site activity and posting links and external media like on facebook, ''Post'' posting events and news for the website that will appear on the main pages with admin's approval, ''Portfolio'' uploading projects and presented grid form like, adding the created options to the existing user admin bar, perfect the overall user interface.

- Friendly permalinks including for user profiles (

- Help with overall page speed by compressing and deleting unnecessary code.

- (optional) Two different hosts existe, for overall host speed archive older data on secondary host.

- Post Page design and adding options on posts such as: category, ''posted by user'', at the bottom of the page external links with recommended post and event, social like share buttons.

Required Skills: wordpress, buddypress, html, css, php, javascript, content management, vanilla forums, java, responsive design.

Communication: Skype, Facebook, Email

Required Policy: If problems arise when you change something, Fix it.

Skills: design, management, facebook

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