C Programming Lanaguage using CUDA libraries API

C Programming Lanaguage using CUDA libraries API


Job Description

Dear Candidates,

I'm looking for a C programmer who is familiar with using CUDA libraries / API in order to create a program which is able to run on a GPU. This work involves an image processing task, in which a 'Global Kernel Function' is used to take an image to be processed, the coordinates of a pixel, a threshold and a value. This function should start to fill all the pixels around the source pixel with the desired value and continue to spread that value until pixels of the threshold value or greater are found. Therefore the region containing the source pixel should be bounded by threshold pixels and the boundary of the image.

Looking for a C programmer who can I plenent CUDA libraries/API.

This job is pretty small, although I am happy to pay you well.

It will lead to more work - for myself. The initial job is for a family member.

Kindly get in touch.