Kids daycare APP

Kids daycare APP


Job Description

Develop a mobile app for my kids daycare business. Something similar to daycare tracker lite but less cartoony. I need to have info about my center, forms menus, calendar, daily reports on each child and weekly billing. Like freshbooks......Ability to send mass text messages and monthly emails newsletter. My business logo is a kangaroo
Another web app is daycare from website

Connect With Parents
Welcome to Daycare Mobile! We offer a mobile application for connecting with parents and sharing important information about their child's daily activities, development, well being, and nurturing. Not only can you provide peace of mind for parents, but also stay in touch and keep an open line of communication while they're away from their little ones.
With Daycare Mobile you can use the default features and functions already set up and ready to go, or you can create a content rich app for iPhone and/or Android without having to pay a programmer or mobile app developer.
Versatility is key with Daycare Mobile. It and can be customized to meet your specific needs, and supports options such as staff profiles, daily report sheets for each child, menu and nutritional information, event calendars and blogs, photos, video, newsletters, lesson plans and curriculums, essential forms, parent / teacher alerts, webcams, and many other features that furthers your ability to effectively communicate with parents.

I am open to ideas and options. $$$$$$$$ Minimum amount was posted... i will negotiate a price based on ideas and experience and most of all tech support! Thank you and good luck.