Transcribe 90 minutes of video and create accompanying Summary/Notes handouts

Transcribe 90 minutes of video and create accompanying Summary/Notes handouts


Job Description

Hi, I’m looking for a smart, articulate, detail oriented EDITORIAL ASSISTANT to provide TRANSCRIPTION, CREATE DOCUMENT SUMMARIES.
This position is project based and will lead up to regular work, if successful.

Type 90+ words per minute
English is your native language
Articulate with excellent written communication skills
Outstanding grammar, punctuation and usage skills
Attentive to detail
Maintain confidentiality

Ideal but not essential:
familiarity with foreign languages and Italian

The specifics:
For this project I need someone who can create great looking handouts based on the content of training videos.
The topic is “learning to pronounce Italian”. The training is in English, with occasional Italian words.
Basic notes will be provided, including the list of all the Italian words that are presented in the training (and the exact time these are uttered in the videos, so they are easy for you to find and identify).

Your job is to:
- watch the training videos (a total of 90 minutes)*
- transcribe the content
- create clear, well articulated and well structured lesson summaries/notes to accompany each training videos^

* The training videos are similar to this:
^ The handouts will not be made up of the transcribed content, the exact way it was spoken. Handouts must be edited and restructured so that the information can be more easily absorbed by the viewer.

The videos have excellent sound quality and there is only one speaker, with a mild accent.

To apply for this position just complete this TEST. Go to minute 8:00 of this training video and:

- transcribe from 8:00 to 10:08
- create notes for that segment


Samples of previous similar work will help your application but are not necessary.

Please bear in mind that the topic of the video is Italian pronunciation, so it might be impossible to include some of the information in the notes (how each word sounds, for example). Your job is exactly that of being able to select the most appropriate content to include so that the user can find benefit in using the handout. Also remember that the notes you create are “accompanying notes”, so they don’t have to say everything that is said in the video, simply because the user is watching the video at the same time as using the notes.

Please apply for this position even if you can only perform some of the 3 tasks (for example, you can only transcribe, or you can only create the notes and the handouts, etc). I am open to hiring more than one person.

Starting from August there will be one hour of new content to transcribe/create handouts for every week.
Thank you and good luck!

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