Need A Client Login / Membership Script


Job Description

I'm looking for a client login membership script where each client has their own portal. We are going to be using it for online baseball lessons. The client will send us a video of them hitting/pitching and then we edit the video and send it back via their back office.

Here's how it works... The client signs up and pays the monthly membership fee to activate their account. The client will then have an upload function for them to send us a video, which at that point the script fires off an email letting us know we have a new video to edit. We will then edit the video with notes and a voice over (using another software for that) and then re-uplaod the video to that client portal...only viewable by that client. When the client logs in, they will see their video(s) in their "locker" where all of their videos are archived by date for easy referencing. This is the main function of the script, but there will be other common functions like the ability to purchase video lessons, contact us, etc.

Skills: video