Capacitive Discharge Pulse Circuit

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

We need a capacitive discharge circuit designed to "fire" 8 or more ignition type coils, simultaneously from a single trigger. The trigger will be a hall-effect device with a maximum frequency of approx 800hz. A "starting" circuit will be required that will create a false trigger until the hall-effect trigger waveform is present. Each of the 10 coils will have it's own discharge circuit. We are expecting a SCR solution, but other options will be considered. A common charging source voltage will be from a 24vdc source feeding a 24vdc-240vac inverter, a voltage doubling circuit to approx 400vdc fed to a PWM device to control charging frequency and duty cycle (voltage) presented to the capacitor(s). Project is for schematic design of the charging and discharge circuits, triggering circuit, and starting circuit only. Schematics will include component specification- some of which have been determined, but may be modified if needed. Documentation of circuit functionality must be included.