Personal PR for Author / Educator

Personal PR for Author / Educator


Job Description

I have a two fold job.

1. to help me promote my books (all by distinguished publisher and available on Amazon I need someone to find people to review the books, send promotions to and generally expand the interest.

2. to help me identify affiliates for my courses at UDEMY, an online school. They have an affiliate program, but I am too busy to be as involved as I would like.

I need someone who can contact photography websites, blogs and magazines and introduce them to my books and website. We can send promo copies to many of them for review, and I have a publisher who will work with us to provide samples as well.

I am also available for interviews and online discussions with photography sites and photography bloggers.

The contacts for both the book and the affiliate courses from UDEMY are similar, so there is a great overlap.

Key skills would be in research and networking online. Finding key players and pitching the book and interviews with me.

Success will see me being booked once or twice a month for an interview, and increased hits to the Amazon page for my books.

I am looking for someone who can work with me as in a partnership... if you need something from me, ask and I will get it done if at all possible. Self-starters and high achievers are my favorite people.

I hope you are interested, and I think it could be fun for the right person.

Please let me know if you have any prior experience in blog outreach, PR, book or product promotion and web research.

Thank you very much.

Skills: amazon, promotions, research