Unity 3D Team Needed For Reskin - Design + Development

Unity 3D Team Needed For Reskin - Design + Development


Job Description

Great Unity 3D Team Needed.

You will take complete responsibility for reskinning the original game to THREE (3) NEW GAMES.

The original game is :

You must have an AWESOME designer on your team - IMPORTANT!

Your job will include the following:
* Create designs for 3 new games.
* Port the existing ios game to android / window phone 8 / blackberry 10 / amazon
* Integrate new graphics into the game x 3 to create 3 new games from same base code (each game with PRO + FREE targets).
* Minor code & graphic change / SDK / Gamecenter / IAP integration.

IN ORDER TO APPLY YOU NEED TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS - only applicants who answer these questions will be considered.

1) Post a link to your designer's best design work.

2) Post a link to the best Unity 3D game you have developed. If this was done with a team, state what your role was.

3) What devices do you have for testing? Please be SPECIFIC!

4) Can you port this app to all the platforms mentioned? (android, BB10, WP8, Amazon) Do you see any problem with this?

5) Please include your bid and time frame for this total job to reskin this app 3 times, including all development + design.



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