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Please watch this video for an idea of what needs to be built and attached is our SPEC Sheet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7Gs3q40CKI

We have a software that needs to be integrated into a Force.com application so that we can provide Salesforce licenses to clients using the Force.com partnership platform. We have already been communicating with Salesforce about this partnership and are interviewing CDOs this week for pricing and development estimates.

Attached is a our Spec Sheet with the fields needed. We may need to add fields and workflow, but ideally, need our software to run within Salesforce and have the results of our software push into Salesforce. Our software has the ability to integrate/push information into Salesforce.

I would prefer to work on a fixed costs basis for the initial build out, then contract hourly thereafter for additional tweeks and modifications.

Thank you,

Skills: salesforce.com, application-design, video

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