Can you create a bucket list for Jomsocial users?

Can you create a bucket list for Jomsocial users?


Job Description

I'm looking for someone to create a bucket list ( To do list) for Jomsocial users on a Joomla site.

A Bucket list is a place or list where you put write down /put pictures of everything you want to do on this earth before you die.
Ex: Visit Paris, go to disney world, sky diving,

Basically each users will have a bucket list and as they achieve each item on their list. It checks off. Green = completed & blue not yet completed (color not important)

This bucket list can be a module or plugin which ever you think works best. I should be able to use it as a menu item or module. And it should be user friendly and modern. You can add a picture on your bucket list for each item.

***Users will be able to compare their bucket list with other users by percentage.
*** Jomsocial users can search who has the highest compatibility base on similar bucket list items.

*** Suggested friends base on the bucket list items.

When users ad goals to bucket list they can select a category( sport, travel, fitness etc..)

Ex: John wants to travel to Sri Lanka before he dies. So John ad Sri Lanka to his bucket list. Now John notice there are other people with similar goals and He finds Annie with Sri Lanka in her bucket list. So they talk about Sri lanka and plan to visit it together.