Math program or animation


Job Description

The formula is concerning a cylinder and a piston compressing air.
1. Length of the cylinder is an unknown you would start with 100 feet after that the footage would be placed in the box. Say 200 feet and all the other numbers would automatically change.
2. The piston weight and size would be two separate boxes. Say 10
inches in diameter and 100 lbs in weight and all the other numbers would automatically change when different weights in lbs. and diameters in inches would be placed in the boxes. The psi in the compression chamber between the piston and the bottom of the cylinder that is capable of fluid isolation. The temperature in the compression chamber in F. Where the piston will find equilibrium in feet down the cylinder. If needed more than one animation could be used. It would be placed in a website.

The part I don't know is:
I am not looking for just an algorithm I want it to put it into my web site in this possible form. Example:
I want the numbers 2+2+2+2-4=4 all in separate say boxes and if I change one number the appropriate changes in the numbers will take effect. Do you understand? this will take knowledge of a little HTML to create the boxes possibly. The boxes would be a little larger than your picture on Odesk. They could be Green with a white square in the middle where the number goes. The boxes would all have numbers to start with and when you change one number all the others would change with the correct answer. The color of green would be like that of the Odesk buttons.
Question can you do this?
How much would you charge me since I am not familiar with the rates in your particular country?
Thank You