Help create framework for Android app

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

I'm looking for someone to spend 10-15 hours helping me get started as I work on porting my existing iPhone game to Android.

I need the basic framework created. An initial startup screen to a menu and then being able to display the actual game screen. You don't need to deal with any of the logic or actual content of the game. I just need the framework/layout with a focus on being able to render a series of bitmaps to the screen.

The existing iPhone game can serve as a design doc, but I'll also write up some notes on where I think we can focus our initial efforts. I'm also up to any suggestions on how to get started with the project.

I have made a little progress and have my project in GitHub and will expect your updates to be pushed back to GitHub.

There is a free version of the iPhone game in the app store you can download to also give you a better idea of how the application should look and feel. Search for: yipe

Here's some notes I put together based on the project I have so far:

1. Create the display view. As you can see now in, I display a grid of grass_alt_1.png tiles to the screen. I believe there is a better way to display my world tiles to the screen as opposed to using a GridLayout. I'd like you to modify this class to support rendering a 10x8 grid of tiles and then drawing that to a view on the screen.

As a test, I also draw a button image on top of the grass. Eventually there will be a player character that walks around on top of the world/tile background. Look at the attached image called: WorldArea.png.

I'm looking for you to create the structure/framework in the android application to support this. We should be programmatically adding in the different views (fragments) and not using XML.

2. In the WorldArea.png, you'll notice a "Stats" button. When this button is clicked, the display on the Android application should change to the second image I attached: StatsView.png.

I'm not looking for you to create the exact information I display, but just create the framework for the application to support this type of layout.

3. I need to switch from using XML files to programmatically display fragments. Look at my class. Just like the view I want in #2 above, this class should be displaying a menu on the right side (buttons) and display/content on the left side. I'm trying to get it to programmatically display a different fragment based on what button is selected. Just like in the the iphone game, when you hit the extras button at the start of the game.

Skills: design, rendering, drawing, test

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