High perfomance and availability web service

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Job Description

We have a table in xlm format of millions of records (more than ten millions) with few fields (four/five fields).
The first field is an alphanumeric unique code id (it should be a URL) that it should be used as a primary key.
The table normally need to be updated just once or twice a day.
What we need is to put on a web service allowing to a javascript to obtain in a real time a record data passing a unique code id (first field).
The issues are:
- A great number of requests: even more than ten millions a day mainly from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm
- we need a high availability of the service (we need to be always on)
- we need high performance: the system have to reply in less than 10 milliseconds for request.
If you have the right skills and you are interested in this job, please ask with a message describing:

-your technical solution
-cost of your solution in terms of maintenance and/or investments
-a range of hours of your work