naming for Chinese-Russian import-export company

naming for Chinese-Russian import-export company


Job Description

Need a catchy name for chinese-russian import-export company.

Company description:
It's planned to create a small contemporary import –export company which can organize smooth process of searching goods, products, equipment, etc in China for Russian companies, delivering it to Russia incl customs clearance, logistics and international contract payments – a turnkey solution and one place.
In the opposite direction the company will help Chinese companies to enter to Russian market with their products, promote them. It will also help to search relevant products in Russia and deliver it to China. So, it's a 2 ways direction of international selling & promoting products

Key industries we are going to serve: retail, food&drinks, advertising & Point of Sales materials, machinery, building materieals, electronics, etc

Image & style of the company:
Contemporary & advanced – young, technologically advanced, smart, fast, flexible
International & friendly – we have Chinese and Russian people in the company working together which helps to understand each nation better for better results. The company is small, apprx 10-20 people, with individual approach – every client is a king & friend for us, not like in large companies.
Asian – it's more Asian/Chinese company rather than Russian. This image should differentiate us from all similar Russian companies and at the same time to be like its own for Chinese.

Preliminary Expectations:
- One word which outlines key essence of company service & benefits. More likely the full name will be: NAME XXX, Importa&Export company
- Chinese sign, or symbol which delivers a feeling of belonging to China for Russians and at the same time a feeling of trust for Chinese.
- Name in 2 languages - Chinese and English

Skills: import, english