Putting together a graphical PowerPoint slide

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

I want to graphically represent some data in a Power Point slide.

First, I need a basic template on which this and subsequent slides can be built. Then for this graphical slide, I want to do the following:

Header:The number of orphans in the United States could fill the Rose Bowl 4 times over.

Then, show 4 large Rose Bowl logos (attached) and another 1/3 of a Rose Bowl logo. This should take up the bulk of the available screen space. Add a legend that says 1 [Rose Bowl logo] = 92,542 orphans

From there, I want to actively shrink these down so you see them getting smaller because I need to show next to them 195 Rose Bowl logos, while at the same time changing the header to say "Worldwide the number of orphans would fills nearly 200 Rose Bowls!"

So now we have 4 small logos on the left, with the label undeneath them that says USA and 200 small logos on the right, with the label underneath them that says Worldwide.

This will require skills in graphic design and its application in PowerPoint.

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