Quck and easy fix: GREAT Job for a contractor who wants fast cash and 5/5 rating.....

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.
Fixed Price
Deliver by - February 21, 2014


This job already has  MOST of the scripts in it to work already i.e you dont need to create  much more i.e 2 or 3 max. However, a programmer last week by mistake has "interfered" with the existing code and now a few things dont work.

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The ADD button to save the comments is no longer working (script was created using ajax i think)

Add a notepad type function  next to the calender (this is something you need to create)

Add a delete leads function that can delete 10, 25 100 or ALL leads in a bulk selection

Please stop duplicates been in the database once a new CSV file is created (i believe this script is already created in cpannel for THIS database i have, so you may be able to just copy and paste it into my new DB)


FINALLY there is a bug in the "email" field when you Export the csv. When i upload it after adding, first name,last,email and phone. The EMAIL filed is duplicating the phone number data into the email column?

Thats it....

First come first served :)