Asterisk / Elastix Line Status with Caller ID

Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $110.00 Posted

Job Description

I'm looking for someone who knows the Asterisk API very well. I work in a Chrome web browser most of the day and would prefer a Chrome extension that has a VoIP phone "status panel" that is always visible no matter what tab is open. The maximum phone extensions we will have is 6. The configuration of these extensions can be a config file or an Elastix add-on, whichever is less expensive to do. If you are not extremely knowledgeable with the Asterisk API, then please do not bid on this project. If this can't be a Chrome extension, then can it be a Windows Systray application that is always visible unless hidden?.

For each extension the status panel should display:
- Extension Number / Name (make it configurable which appears?)
- Phone Activity status
- Phone Ringing
- Phone in use
- How long phone has been in use
- If DND is on (if possible)
- Caller ID of the caller or the number called (maybe this appears only on mouse over, then when clicked is copied to the Windows Clipboard?)
- It would be nice to know if it is an incoming call or outgoing call (not required)

Thanks in advance.

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