WordPress Developer


Job Description

I'd like to develop a Million Dollar Homepage plugin for WordPress (check out www.milliondollarhomepage.com).

The site will raise money for a non-profit youth club. Parents, relatives, and friends will be invited to buy chunks of the wall and upload a message to support the club. Patrons could buy blocks measuring 100x60, 200x120, 300x180, etc.

The plugin must offer the following features:
- Picture moderation. Since this is a youth club, all pictures must be reviewed and approved before being published on the wall.
- Image resize. Patrons will choose the size of block they want and upload a photo. The plugin must be able to resize the photo to the correct block size (ie. 100x60). If the picture uploaded is of a different ratio, the plugin should add whitespace to make up the difference
- Text-to-Image. Some patrons will only want to submit text, not an image. The text they choose should be displayed in the block they purchased.
- Unlimited pixels vertically. The wall size should not be limited vertically. As more patrons buy blocks, they should be added to the top of the wall and push down older purchases.
- Infinite scroll. Since the wall never ends, it should slowly scroll downward to show older blocks. When it reaches the "bottom", it should continue by showing the top. The effect will make it seem like a never-ending wall.
- Blocks pop up lightbox. When patrons buy a block, they can upload a photo and add a line of text. When a viewer clicks a block, the photo should open in a lightbox with the line of text underneath it. If a patron only entered text (no image), then the lightbox will open with just the text.