Display roller

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

What I want to do is take a printed roll of material (paper or plastic) and attach it to two independent rods/shafts (imagine a large "papyrus scroll" or trade show roll display).
Both rods will be attached via a simple mounting bracket and spanning about 2 meters or more apart.

Using a motorized movement, I must be able to transfer the material from one rod to the other and back.
The electric motors should be cleverly hidden and controlled via a simple 2-button control for forward and backward motion.

The system must offer a small amount of resistance/drag so that when transferring the material from one shaft to the other a tension in the material is maintained (No sag when hung from ceiling)

The material must also remain aligned and square on the rods.

The rods must be easily removed.

I wish for a solution that uses off the shelf components.

Material width to be rolled - 90cm
Desired rod diameter - 2 – 3cm
Desired rod material - lightweight, able to hold 5-10kg of material
Mounted to a wall or ceiling
For home interior (non industrial) use
Smart use of minimal materials
Child safe mechanical movements and electronics