Engineering & Design Department

Engineering & Design Department


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We are a manufacturing company in Australia, we specialize in overhead gantry cranes and elevators.

We have two projects related to each product type.

Some of our models are in Inventor and others are in Solidworks, so you will be competent in both.

We have a gantry crane design model that is para metrically driven from an excel sheet. I am interested in working on further refinement of this. When I say refinement we want to be able to improve the functionality and primary driven components. We want to be able to submit an excel sheet and have returned to us a completed model presented in an edrawing or similar format.

We also have three elevator designs for residential and light commercial work.We want to improve these designs by way of creating a para metric driven excel sheet. We will do the excel sheet.

This will be an ongoing project and you will be related to our design department.

You will be required to perform engineering anaylsis and computations relevant to Australian Design Standards.

This will be a development project for our company and as such prioritization may at times be re active based on our in time needs.

Skills: design, engineering

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