List Small Business Local Listing on Directories / Citation Building - Yelp, Foursqure, Yahoo, etc.


Job Description

We're currently seeking an experienced worker who can list small business sites to various local online directories, namely:

Foursqure and more.

You will need to upload list quickly, and efficiently as possible. You will need to have experience doing this kind of work.

If selected, you will be given consistent workload in the future with our fast growing company.

If you're interested, please place your best bid with answers to these questions:

1. How many directories have you listed small business websites to before?
2. Can I see an example of your work?
3. Can you provide a list of ALL the directories you can list to?
4. How fast can you finish 1 project?
5. Why should we pick you out of all other candidates?

Skills: yahoo, marketing, backlinking, data-collection, google-maps

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