Redesign of a meme entertainment website

Redesign of a meme entertainment website


Job Description

The posting is for a Designer to manage all design aspects of a website overhaul.

As the designer the responsibilities will include:
- Proactively managing all design aspects of the design
- Working closely with the programmer team member and dividing the tasks in a clear and efficient manner
- Proactivity in terms of providing suggestions of the design and modifying the existing sketchup
- Redesign of the existing logo (I have some basic ideas to push off, which I can give more detail on later)

The envisaged website is targeted at a Russian-speaking audience primarily and knowledge of the language is a slight advantage, but is not required. My goal is to create a minimalistic and user-friendly design.

Current state of affairs:
- An operational website exists at, built on the 9gagclonescript framework
- The current infrastructure is very basic and exists merely to occupy space
- An overhaul of the website is proposed to create a fully functional entertainment platform

The preliminary sketchup of the proposed website structure is attached.

The plan is to have 2/3 people working on the website -
1 Designer
1 Programmer
Possibly 1 more person sharing both tasks

As part of the application, it would be great to see the following
- Clear examples of past designs - preferably relatively sophisticated products as opposed to 1/2 page website constructs
- Would be great to see any non-web based drawings as well as those are highly relevant too
- Preferably some understanding of internet memes/humour theme, however prior experience not necessary
- Brief outline of how you would approach the project and general ideas on how you would share/discuss work with a dedicated programmer
- Programming knowledge is not required at all, but having it is by no means detrimental

At a later stage of the contract allocation process I plan to ask for a sketch of a small section of a website to see how you would approach the task.

Budget - may consider a bonus payment for exceeding expectations

Some example websites for reference, with a similar idea in mind:

Note: I tend to be very busy during the weekdays, hence I may delay replying for 2-3 days but I will always get back to any messages. Apologies in advance for delays in replying.

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