AWS Administrator

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

A application system now working in Heroku needs to be moved to AWS. The system is built in Java (Juno Eclipse), and Neo4j. Java is 1.6. The system uses batch and online parts including a consumer website. The batch parts use a webcrawler. There are several projects within the system.

A role of AWS administrator is available for someone to handle the AWS integration and the AWS setup. The systems will be extended also to include Hadoop.

As the administrator your role will be to install and config the AWS without any assistance and to with the possible assistance of a Java developer get running existing Java code on Heroku in AWS. That will include allowing normal Java development to be deployed, eg using the AWS Toolkit and testing the results in Neo4j (Java servlet).

You are not required to code any Java or test the business logic, but you need to ensure that the code can be deployed and run on batch.

Therefore you would need essential skills in creating and configuring the AWS system for Java deployment in a Linux system using Eclipse and using Neo4j. It is desirable that you understand the AWS Toolkit and its role. The later stages would require Hadoop knowledge.

You would have a good understanding of the tariffs in AWS and efficient running of code.