Connect us with a university!

Connect us with a university!


Job Description


A little background - PHD Institute represents universities world-wide in order to provide students, the opportunity to get their Ph.D. via distance learning. PHD Institute recruits students for the represented universities and prepare them for the doctorate studies.

These days we are looking to expend our pool of represented universities in order to find a good match to all of our students.

We're looking for a professor/ lecturer/ academic figure or a well-connected person that will find and help us communicate with another university, from the very beginning until a cooperation agreement is achieved.

The university must meet several conditions:
1. Accreditation: UNESCO accredited (including Ph.D. degrees).
2. Location: West/ central Europe.
3. Supports distance learning/ online learning and does not require long periods of attendance.
4. Offer Ph.D. in one of the following fields:
a. Law
b. Business Administration
c. Education
d. Psychology/ Sociology (least important)
5. Communication with university must be convenient and pleasant.

Please let me know if you need further details.

Thank you for considering,
Biz-Dev and Marketing Manager at PHD Institute

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