Custom Staffing/Recruiting CRM software - Vtiger - applicant tracking system

Custom Staffing/Recruiting CRM software - Vtiger - applicant tracking system


Job Description

We currently have a need for a senior level php applications developer. We are building a staffing/recruiting & CRM web application. We are looking to shorten development time by taking existing open source software solutions, merging them and customizing them to our needs. For example we intend to use Vtiger for the CRM portion of the software.

The software is for a staffing agency. They have a sales team that needs a CRM to track their leads for companies they are selling their staffing solutions to. The recruiters need a custom dashboard to keep track of applicants and screen processes. The client(company) needs a dashboard to review the applicants sent to them by the recruiter. Admins need a dashboard to see a global view of activities and run reports. Applicants/Candidates need a way to submit their resumes to the recruiters.

You must be an expert at mysql database design and enterprise application development with PHP. User interface design experience is also very important. We want someone who knows how to code but also who can architect an application from the ground up. You need to be a very good strategic thinker, communicator in English and able to solve problems quickly.

We are currently in the process of putting together mock-ups and work flow diagrams as well as role definitions and use case models which you will then take and begin building the structure of this application.

This is a full-time and long term position. If you take this position you will need to be able to focus entirely on our project only. Pay rate will start low and once you have proven your expertise we will begin to raise the pay rate.

The right developer with a good attitude will have all the work and income they will need for years to come with this project.

Please submit a summary of your PHP/MYSQL and application development experience and why you think it is a good fit for this position. CRM and applicant tracking system software development experience is a huge plus.