Presentation workbook design

Presentation workbook design


Job Description

I am holding a seminar/worskhop with a series of speakers and potentially require a workbook for the event.
Each of the speakers and sponsors has provided some giveaway goods/services for all attendees, so this information would need to be in the form of a voucher.
That would be around 8 vouchers. This could be B5 size..
Alternatively format could be Speaker bio on the top ha;f of the page and voucher on the bottom half.
I can't attach both documents so have attached a copy of a voucher [pdf] and a copy of all of the content will be provided in response to your request.
All vouchers do not need to look the same although a similar format would provide consistency.
The ideal outcome would be to design:
a) Title page
b) bio and voucher design either to be printed or PDF'd for download
c) a lined notes page

If the entire workbook was printed and provided as a hard copy for each attendee they would get a bound workbook with title page on the front, with sections for each speaker consisting of their bio page and voucher, with two lined notes pages following.

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