Mac OS X Developer

Mac OS X Developer


Job Description

We are looking for a developer to port a small program written in AutoHotkey for Windows to the Mac OS X. The program, which already exists on Windows, does the following:

- Runs at startup and remains running in the background on the user's machine.
- Monitors user's input for certain strings of characters ("hotstrings"), and replaces that text with predefined alternate text.
- As it runs in the background, it works in any program where the user is typing text.
- Simple graphical user interface for the app to (1) allow users to change some basic settings in the program (e.g., start on startup checkbox); and (2) it would display a page with shortcuts listed, as a reference for the user.

Example hotstring: The user types "\[mbp]", and the program recognizes the string and replaces it with "Macbook Pro". Hundreds of such hotstrings would be defined in the program.

I am looking for someone who would be able to suggest the best approach (language, etc) to program this application on a Mac.

Thank you,

Skills: mac-os-x