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Job Description

- There are two links for every individual. You must always use the first link, in the column "link1".

- You should not spend more than 3 minutes in one individual. If after 3 minutes, you are not able to find a valid email address, skip that entry and jump to the next one.

- If you searched for the 1.000 individuals of the list and you were not able to find at least 500 emails, then use the second link, in the column "link2", for the empty entries.

- If you are not able to find an email address for an individual after using the link2, mark that entry with an X in the column called "X".

- Sometimes the affiliation provided can be poor or outdated. In that case, use it as a suggestion when using the "link2". For example, if the last affiliation was a hospital, look for a doctor; if it was a chemical company, look for a chemist, etc. Use your common sense.

- All the persons in the list are researchers, teach at universities, have a PhD, are engineers, perform investigation or are skilled professionals.

- You are paid per valid email. The more results you submit, the more money you will receive. However, it is impossible to find emails for all the people of the list. Do not invent addresses, use software or try to cheat. The results are checked for integrity and any abnormality would be found sooner or later. Cheating is a reason to end a contract immediately.

- Some batches are more difficult than others. However, if you submit 2 batches consecutively with less than 400 entries, it will be reason to end the contract. Hence, please always inform about any issue you encounter during your work.

- It is required to submit at least one batch before the end of every week. Being late regularly will be a reason for ending the contract.

Finally, please do not hesitate a second to ask any doubt you may have.


Skills: keyword-research, gmail, yahoo, english, email-support