Research Expert For Various Boating, Cars, Hunting Or Fishing Services & Classifieds Directory Website Niches

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Job Description

I am wanting someone to help look for any successful website that is a business directory that has been built for a specific niche. It must be a very successful website with lots of traffic, customers and possibly been bought out for a large sum of money or been listed on the stock exchange.
The main strategy of the website is to either have a list of businesses who offer services or classifieds or both.
The topics included in the title are just examples however there could be an example to see based on any particular niche. I am not fixated on any of the listed niches and could include any or all...or ones not even listed.
camping, boating, fishing, hunting, cars, flying, handyman, contractors, who knows let's find a few!

There are plenty of general business directories around which list every and all businesses, however I want to find any that have been made for specific niches and focus on a general topic.
I am also curious to know of successful classified websites to get more information from. They could be examples from the US (preferable) or the UK.
Here is an example...

I am looking for as much info as possible from press releases to website stats to news articles. As much as possible please.