Need drawings to file a Patent application


Job Description

My name is Nick Caputo. I have recently been working on an invention of which I am the sole inventor (It's a small project, among my other responsibilities), and I need someone to draft at least 15 detailed, precisely measured diagrams of the product.

The product that I'm designing isn't very complicated. The most complicated version of it involves 7 parts in total. The simplest model requires only 5 parts in total. Very accurate detailing of the parts is only required for a select few of them.

I have already written a document version of the patent application, but the drawings to go with it are something that I need done. I need to cover all bases here, so to speak, so I would require at least 15 different drawings of the design, each illustrating different areas of it, so as to accurately explain (via the already complete patent application document), exactly how the product works, what it does, and what is required to build it.

Most, if not all, of this can be done successfully in AutoDesk Inventor and/or CAD software, so experience with at least the Inventor software is a strong requirement.

I'm looking for someone trustworthy to work on this project, and who is interested in the assignment, and the part about having your name on a patent application being sent into the WPO (World Patent Office). Additionally, I should mention that I will write your name on the application as the illustrator. I give all credit where it is due.

If you are interested, great! The basic things that I need in your application for the position is your work history, particularly in projects or jobs related to this one. Please also mention the word "Bravo" in the first sentence of the application, so that I know you've read this far. If I select you for a final consideration, I'd like to have a video chat interview, so that I get to know you. Also, please don't be afraid to submit an extended version of your work history, I have an eye for detail.

*One of the required skills listed is graphic design. That one is more of an optional requirement, but if you have experience in that field, that would be great! :)

Now for the legal stuff:

In order to be hired for this job, I'll need you to sign a legal document and/or make a recorded statement on audio and/or video acknowledging that I, Nicholas Caputo, also called Nick Caputo or "hiring party", am the sole owner of all intellectual property relating to this device unless otherwise stated in writing and recorded video, and that you will not, under any circumstances, mention the specifics of how the product works and/or what it does, or show any document or drawing relating to the product to any person or entity. Any ideas you bring forward at any time relating to the device being worked on will be credited to you, provided that they are not already mentioned in either the current version of the patent application and/or description, or in any previous version of said application and/or description.

Typing that part out took a lot longer than I expected. :/ The stuff in that paragraph (I like to call it a short novel) preceding this paragraph is stuff that should be common knowledge, but it seemed like a good idea to formally state it. Feel free to ask any question about it at any time! I'll give you a prompt response.