C++/Delphi Crypter FUD

C++/Delphi Crypter FUD


Job Description

I am looking for a programmer that is capable and has previous experience in the development of an FUD Crypter. The crypter must be fully undetected by all anti-virus programs in the market, and it must also be coded with AES and RC4 Encryption system with 256-bit Password Algorithm.
Aplicants must have strong knowledge of C++, C#, Delphi, Windows API, and of-course Cryptography.

The Crypter MUST have the following Features:

1. Multi-File Crypter
2. Multi-File Binder
3. Multi-File Compressor
4. Delay File Execution
5. Icon Changer
6. Process Persistence
7. Version Info Change
8. Custom Fake Messages
9. Custom Fake Byte Adder/File Pumper
10. Extension Spoofer: from .exe to .pdf, .jpg, word, etc.
11. File Start-up
12. File Melt
13. EOF Support
14. .Net Support
15. Every Stub is Unique
16. Every Output is Unique
17. Change Assembly Information
18. Custom Encryption
19. Works with all Operating System (32/64)
20. Built-in Antivirus Scanner
21. Bypass Proactives KIS/Scanner
22. Bypass Firewall
23. Bypass UAC
24. Custom Process Name
25. Registry Persistence
26. Multiple Stubs for long FUD Time
27. File Cloner
28. Auto Updates Every 24hrs