XCART Homepage Redesign

XCART Homepage Redesign


Job Description

Hello I need to have the homepage of my xcart store that needs to be redesigned. I have 7 things in total that need done. I expect your bid to be able to complete all the tasks. The text below has image examples which are of the website leerburg.com and EX1 is the text category listing and the EX2 is the footer with lots of links. Our site is Dogtrainingequipment.com

DTE Homepage Redesign

1. Cart|Checkout|Wishlist all need to be on the same line.

2. Change where the current site says training programs to look like the category listing in image EX1.png. The blue bar should say Shop By Dog Training Equipment. I would see it being 3 columns with 2 rows of categories. I would like to look as similar to EX1.png as possible. I like that look. Also these boxes need to be inside of another box with the white back and blue border like most of the other boxes on the site are. Can we decide which ones are displayed?

3. I would like to switch the order of these so the Aweber Form is on top and the purple image is below. Also make sure borders and backgrounds line up.

4. Change the blue banner to say Shop By Training Program. I will create a store category called Dog Training Programs. The images listed below the blue bar should be the sub categories of the main category Dog Training Programs. I want to keep there with a thumbnail and the link text of the category name.

5. Currently there is blank space below the aweber/we believe area. Can we add a box that shows Top 5 Products, or Popular Products or something to fill in that space. It could be a random list of products or if we could select them that would be great.

6. In the footer, I would like it to look more like EX2.png. If these have to be static pages that is fine but then need to look organized. We need to be able to add pages to link in here for SEO.

7. We want to be able to have that be a rotating image, similar to a banner of a flash banner. This is where we can announce specials or promotions. It will need to be able to rotate 3 to 5 images. We would like there to be transition effects if possible.

Please in your bid include timeframe to complete and confidence of being able to complete all tasks. You can see attached pdf for my drawing.

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