Seeking old school Unix ksh script writer

Seeking old school Unix ksh script writer


Job Description

Our company is a consumer content website that runs on the Solaris (x86) operating system. We have about 50TB of image content that people can search and browse for a fee. The web interface is coded in Korn shell scripts with a backend database provided by Berkeley DB. A very light weight set of scripts can do everything we need quickly and efficiently.

We are looking to add some new features and need help with ksh script writing. Here are the key capabilities we are looking for:

- Familiarity with Solaris environment
- Experience writing ksh scripts - file I/O, data manipulation, etc
- HTML knowledge with cookies, etc.
- Familiarity with Berkeley DB a plus
- Familiarity with A/B testing using Google Analytics a plus
- Familiarity with C Lucene open source search engine a plus

Looking for someone with proven experience in these areas - not a newbie...

Skills: unix, solaris